Deja Vu Chicken Stew


I had a kind of funny moment this week regarding this recipe. I couldn’t wait to share it. It’s one of my favourites and now that soup season is upon us the time had come. All the ingredients were bought, the food was prepped, cooked and photographed. Boom! Then I started to feel that bizarre feeling that I had done this before. Deja vu?

Nope. Not deja vu. It wasn’t just a feeling.  I actually have done this before! I blogged this recipe for Spicy 3 Bean Chicken soup way back when the blog was just a wee baby … 6 months ago 🙂 So, that is the sad state of my memory.

I figured I would still share it anyway because it really is a great soup. Considering I posted it so long ago when only friends and family were reading the blog, chances are many haven’t seen it. So here it is, in all it’s repetitive glory!


Does that photo look familiar? Like you’ve seen it somewhere before? Hmmmm …

If you would like to print the recipe, head on over to the original page, here.

Oh, and day one of my quest to quit drinking coffee was a rousing success! Well, maybe rousing isn’t the best word as I’m actually pretty tuckered out 🙂 In addition to the quitting coffee challenge, we have added in another way to test ourselves … we have put our microwave in storage. I needed more space in my office … I mean … the kitchen, and I decided that we really didn’t need it. I know that there is some controversy as to whether or not microwaves are safe so, for the amount it gets used I just decided to free up the space. I found however, that I really miss using it for the timer and clock! How funny is that 🙂 I plan to treat myself to a cute kitchen timer and nice clock for the wall.



This photo looks soooo familiar …

 Finally, to all my fellow Canadians, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the turkey, stuffing and time with your loved ones.


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Sharon (: Enjoy your long weekend! You should blog about your Thanksgiving dinner! I bet Joe’s mom cooks a delicious turkey (: