Natural Kitchen Hand Softener

by Sharon on May 14, 2013

Instead of slathering on something full of unknown chemicals, why not try this Natural Kitchen Hand Softener? It’s made from a common household staple and will leave your hard working hands feeling super soft.

If you’re like me your hands are in water a lot. To start with, there’s the dishes. If there’s a massive load I will don a pair of gloves but sometimes I need something washed quickly that I need right away. #foodbloggerproblems

Couple that with my slight OCD which involves a lot of hand washing. I work around food and am very aware of the transfer of bacteria and how sick some raw foods can make you (ie salmonella from raw chicken). Needless to say there is a lotta lathering goin’ on.

This can result in dry hands and cuticles. If the skin around the nail gets dry I find my nails will tear a bit on the sides. So I use hand lotions frequently. When I buy hand lotion I will always read the label and if contains propylene glycol or anything that ends in paraben It does not go in my basket. Both of these ingredients can be toxic. Unfortunately, that means those nice smelling lotions and potions from the big bath stores are out, out, out.

Anyways, onto my brilliant discovery! I bought a oil sprayer, misto thingy at Goodness Me on sale last week. My thought was to use it for oiling up a pan for veggies to be sauteed.


But a couple of days ago, I gave my hands a spritz! Just one pump. To try it.


Don’t mind my zombie-like hands. I’m auditioning for The Walking Dead. Rick needs a new wife!

I’m pleased to report this actually worked great. All you need is one spritz. Don’t go nuts or else you will be a greasy mess. Less is definitely more. The best part? The fact that I could easily handle food after using it as it wouldn’t come off on anything like a bought lotion. In fact it will just add flavour! I’m so happy I tried it.  I have about 1 1/2 bottles of regular hand lotion and once they’re done I’m going to challenge myself to just use the olive oil.

Let me know if anyone else wants to join me on this product detox. I’ll keep you posted!




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