Pouding Chomeur Cupcakes – Vegan – Guest Post for Eye Candy Popper

Pouding Chomeur Cupcakes - Vegan-

 So, today I am doing what’s called in the blogging business, a guest post. My friend and fellow blogger at eyecandypopper.com is taking a little vacation and asked if I would fill in for her while she’s away by writing a post for her website.

Naturally, I said yes and since Miss ECP is from Quebec I decided to do a healthier twist on Pouding Chomeur, a classic dessert from “La Belle Province”.

Pouding Chomeur Cupcakes - Vegan-

Visit eyecandypopper.com for the recipe. Stay and look around while you’re there! She has such a variety of articles on her site from recipes to urban gardening. All healthy and organic focused. It’s lovely and she’s lovely. 🙂 Check it out.

This will be waiting for you.

Pouding Chomeur Cupcakes - Vegan-

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  1. My mother was from Quebec, and she used to always make “pouding” chômeur for me. Sometimes, when I see it, it makes me miss her! Unfortunately, she never taught or gave me her secret recipe; maybe my sister knows!

    1. Isn’t it funny how food, like music, can bring back such vivid memories? Sigh. 🙂 Thanks Lily! 🙂