Shower & Tub Scrubber – Quick & Easy Cleaning

I love this Shower & Tub scrubber for quick and easy cleaning. Kill two birds with one stone and clean the shower while you shower!

Shower & Tub Scrubber - Quick & Easy Cleaning

I really wish I could take credit for this one. It’s truly brilliant. But like most brilliant ideas, this one came via pinterest where all brilliant ideas are born.

The concept of cleaning the shower while showering is not new to me. That useful nugget came from the book Organic Housekeeping by Ellen Sandbeck that I read a few years ago.

But this interpretation of cleaning your bath really stepped it up.

Shower & Tub Scrubber

All you need is a soap holding scrubber, dish soap and vinegar.

Shower & Tub Scrubber - Quick & Easy Cleaning

Fill the scrubber handle about 1/3 full with the soap, then another 1/4 of the way with vinegar.

Shower & Tub Scrubber - Quick & Easy Cleaning

Be sure to leave room in the handle so you are able to give it a good shake and mix the two together.

Shower & Tub Scrubber - Quick & Easy Cleaning

And viola! A compact, all in one, mini cleaning machine. Store this useful Shower & Tub Scrubber in your bath and once you’ve been in the shower awhile, long enough for the steam to loosen any grime and dirt, give all the surfaces a quick little scrub. I like to do it while I have conditioner in my hair and by the time I’ve given everything the once over I can rinse out the conditioner.

Do this 3-4 times weekly and it will make cleaning your bathroom much less of a chore. I like to choose a dish soap that contains the least amount of chemicals and toxins. Check the labels! As far as the vinegar, buy whatever is the cheapest. 😉

Shower & Tub Scrubber - Quick & Easy Cleaning

You’ve done it again, Pinterest! You’ve done it again. I thank my lucky stars to have such a useful resource at my fingertips. What would I do without you?

Enjoy folks!


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