How to Make Chicken Broccoli Bake Recipe

This delicious chicken Broccoli bake is a great option to have a Keto meal as your lunch or dinner.




What Will You Need To Make Chicken Broccoli Bake Recipe

Broccoli florets

Cream cheese


Grated cheese - cheddar, marble, parmesan, gouda or provolone, your desicion

Cooked chicken

Garlic powder, salt, pepper

Let's start to make the Chicken Broccoli Bake


Cut the crowns into florets until get 4 cups worth.

Quickly steam these on the stovetop.

in a large mixing bowl, the softened cream cheese is mixed with a dollop  of mayo and some seasonings. I simply use salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

Add the chopped up cooked chicken and grated cheese.

Broccoli cheddar chicken casserole has a nice ring to it no? 

Stir in the steamed broccoli and transfer the mixture over to a casserole dish. 


Heads to the oven to become creamy and delicious!

This gets smothered in the aforementioned blanket of cheddar cheese (the pre-shredded stuff is gack!).