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Coconut Oil Granola Clusters

Today has been bizz-zy!

First thing this morning we were off to get ‘geared up’ for the rainy season. If you’ve been following me on Instagram ( it’s this new thing I’ve discovered. Maybe you’ve heard of it? 😉 ), you’ve seen beautiful sunny skies and sparkling ocean.

But the rain is coming.

And will keep coming until at least March. April even. People from BC all know the saying “April showers bring May flowers” like they know the National Anthem.

The key to survival in the downpours is to have proper rain gear.

Coconut Oil Granola Clusters

My choice for umbrellas is the same used by the royal family. I love the clear dome. Your head is totally covered, meaning proper hair maintenance ( key ), and you can see through it, hence not having to keep peering out from under your standard umbrella to see if you are about to plow into someone. It’s called a Fulton and you need one now. 

Today’s mission was waterproof shoes and a raincoat. I was super lucky and found both without having to max out my credit card. It was hard not buy about sixteen other things, but I held back from going crazy shopaholic.

Coconut Oil Granola Clusters

Meanwhile, we still haven’t done a serious grocery shop and have been eating out more than I ever have in my life. For real! And I’m a food blogger? Whole Foods is on the agenda for tomorrow. Good thing I didn’t spend too much clothes shopping. Something tells me I’ll need tomorrow.

In the meantime, we really loved these Coconut Oil Granola Clusters and I’ve finally had a moment to sit down with my laptop, brew a big mug of tea and get to work putting a post together for them.

The basic low down one these crispy, chewy, golden clusters is they are yummy and won’t last. Post done. I’m off to splash in some puddles. :)

Coconut Oil Granola Clusters

Click for the Recipe

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