The Killers in Toronto


This is not a food related post but it is a wellness post of sorts. Music can bring me to a different level. Sad music can bring me down, dance music will make me run faster and happy music? Happy music makes me happy.

The Killers make me happy. After last night I declare them my favourite band. Of all time! What a show! From opening, in full house lights, with Mr. Brightside to the encore finale performance of When you were Young. Just incredible. I was transported from the everyday hustle and bustle of life to an energizing, non-stop, fist pumping rockfest and I loved every minute of it.


This show was supposed to happen in December but was canceled due to illness. Me and my friend, Mary have waited for many moons for this event and we were full of anticipation on the way to T.O.


We were not let down. Amazing seats, great crowd, even a confetti cannon! Just fun all round. 🙂


Thanks to the Killers for being worth the wait. Can’t wait to see you back in Toronto. Anytime.


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