7 Day Cleanse – aka You Can Do Anything For 7 Days!

This is our mantra for our cleanse – You can do anything for 7 days! I find it much easier from this perspective. Really, what’s 7 days?

Let’s get right down to business, shall we?

First things first, this cleanse does involve eating! I know you are all glad to hear that:) There are juice cleanses and fasts and such that are quite popular but that sort of thing sounds quite torturous to me. I don’t like torture so, I plan to eat.

That being said there are foods I will be eliminating. On the no-no list is wheat, dairy, sugar, refined salt (sea salt is fine), red meat, pork, bad fats (hydrogenated, deep fried, etc.) and grains. Oh, and coffee and alcohol. Sorry. Remember the mantra! 7 days!

On the yes list there is fruit, vegetables, chicken, eggs, good fats (avocado, almonds,etc.), beans, legumes, natural sweeteners (maple syrup, agave) and  fish. Oh, and green tea and lemon water! Who needs coffee or vino when you have green tea and lemon water. Am I right or am I right?

Get ready to hydrate! I spend a lot of time peeing when I cleanse. Sorry if that’s a bit TMI but these are the facts. Drinking water or herbal teas is a huge factor in flushing out the toxins, etc. in your system and this results in plenty of bathroom breaks.

While you stock up on toilet paper you can also stock up on bananas! Get those bananas browning so you can peel and freeze them. They are a staple for green smoothies, which I have 2 times a day on my cleanse, and a nice frozen banana is the key to a frosty, creamy smoothie. You all like smoothies, yes?

My Meal Plan for the Week:

Green Smoothie for 2 meals (I do breakfast & dinner)

Monday – 3 Bean Salad with Cilantro Dressing

Tuesday – Avocado Tuna Salad

Wednesday – Chili Lime Chicken with Salad (Romaine with Balsamic Dressing)

Thursday – Veggie Frittata (I’ll post this recipe Tuesday)

Friday – Leftover Bean Salad with leftover Chili Lime Chicken

Saturday – Protein Pancakes with maple syrup

Sunday – Scrambled Eggs with Salad (Romaine with Balsamic Dressing)

Snacks – 2 servings of fruit daily, one mid-morning and one either mid afternoon or evening (whichever is your natural snacking time)

Plus a bonus snack!

One serving of Dry Roasted Almonds, cut veggies & salsa, hard-boiled egg, leftovers from the veggie frittata

Below is a comprehensive shopping list for the meal plan above. It’s pretty long but keep in mind it covers all the bases. For instance you may already have olive oil or chili powder in your pantry and can cross that off the list. Also, this list covers all your eats for the week. No eating out! Everything you consume will be made by your own two hands. Unless you have little minions, then they can do it for you;)

7 Day Detox Shopping List

I’ll be doing my grocery shop today (Friday) so I will do a bonus post for you on Saturday that will outline my prep list as well as how I plan to space out my meals and snacks.

Please remember that I am not yet a registered nutritionist and this is just a guideline of what I plan to eat on my week long cleanse.

I’m looking forward to next week and feeling lighter, cleaner and healthier!


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