33 Best Gifts for Cooks – Treat the Foodie in Your Life!

Christmas and the holiday season can be a magical time for a chef. We have a list of useful gift ideas that are great for the home cook and the folks who love them! I’ve curated 33 of the BEST Gifts for Cooks and done the leg work for you!

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boxes with bright wrapping paper and bows for a best gifts for cooks gift guide.

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Get ready for the perfect gift guide for your foodie friend or loved one. Thirty-three-holiday gift recommendations for the home chef on your shopping list.

33 Best Gifts for Cooks

Let’s start with appliances!

Every home chef loves shiny new kitchen gadgets to play with. 

First up is a milk frother! Be the star barista on Christmas morning and whip up cappuccinos, lattes, or matcha tea. 

Check out this fancy-schmancy Brewista kettle which features an LCD panel with precise temperature selection for sublime flavor

The ultimate gadget that everyone wants is an Instant Pot. Why not get ’em the pro version! This baby has sous vide, yogurt maker, steamer and still makes the most delicious soups, stews, and super fast suppers.

Another super handy kitchen tool is a hand blender. Ideal for those with smaller kitchens and excellent for blending dressings and soups.

Another classic here folks! The Cadillac of blenders the Vitamix. Besides blending up smoothies, a Vitamix does pretty much anything a food processor can do like make Homemade Larabars and these Sugar-Free Date Cookies.

Something I have on my list is this soda stream. I’ve been reading up on magnesium and there is a cool recipe to add it to sparkling water that I really want to try.

Isn’t this the absolute cutest mini-fridge? There are a bunch more cute colors to choose from too. How great to have in your office for your lunch and healthy snacks. Just plug it in! The price might surprise you too. Under $40!

Every kitchen needs an Air Fryer. Mine included! This is on my wish list. Along with more counter space. 😉

Coffee for one? Keurig has you covered! You don’t even need to open your eyes with this cool little beauty.

Stay warm this winter and grill indoors! This Ninja Foodi Smart can do just that plus dehydrate, roast, and broil. Super-versatile.

Now let’s get into some bakeware and fun kitchen essentials

Presentation is everything and serving up your chicken broccoli casserole in a handsome ceramic baking dish will set a delicious scene. 🙂

Something you might not necessarily get for yourself is a good set of mixing bowls. Handy and useful. Nuff said.

Another ceramic baking dish set only this time it is a set of three. Bonus! The colors you can choose from are awesome too.

Speaking of cute colors, how about this rainbow? I use silicone muffin liners for baking and making Peanut Butter Cups.

I couldn’t resist adding another set of mixing bowls this one complete with fun, colorful lids.

This cute kit of Christmas Cookie Cutters for all of your festive baking needs.

And more cute mixing bowls! These are ceramic and colorful for recipients who love a bright, fun look in their kitchen.

This cool Cake Decorating Set would be a dream for bakers out there.

This marble rolling pin is a staple for rolling dough and it is pure class in the kitchen. 

Speaking of class here is another bakeware set and this baby blue color is so pretty.

This pastry roller is so useful! Made from smooth hardwood, the smaller sizes make these rollers awesome for pressing down oats like these Honey Oat Bars or these No-Bake Granola Bars. A good roller is convenient in so many recipes!

Next up cookware 

I’m a fan of stainless and this complete set of pots and pans has it all! Who wouldn’t love a sleek new set like this one?

If ceramic is more your style this cookware set is pretty sweet. Lots of beautiful colors to choose from. 

What about the classic cast iron skillet legend from Lodge? It doesn’t get any more durable than this! Great for searing steaks that then get a roast in the oven because they are completely oven safe.

Now some other cool odds and sods

A set of quality knives would be a fantastic gift.

A fun little stocking stuffer for the Instant Pot lover in your life is this handy magnetic Instant Pot Cheat Sheet.

This might not seem glamourous but trust me, every home cook loves a brand new, fresh, crisp cotton dish towel.

Oooh the luxury! Treat those tired legs to an anti-fatigue mat? It’s non-slip and waterproof and easy to maintain.

Look like a professional chef in this apron with adjustable straps. The black is a great color if you are prone to splashing or spilling like I am. 😉 

Look at this cool cookbook stand! I liked this one that looks like a cutting board. So apropos!

Maybe a more antique style cookbook stand is your jam? This one features weighted chains for those runaway paperback cookbooks.

And speaking of cookbooks let’s wrap this 33 Best Gifts for Cooks up with a healthy cookbook recommendation! Why not one from my blogging inspiration Angela from Oh She Glows? Over 100 recipes using wholesome ingredients.

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