Healthy Banana Recipes – Using Ripe + Overripe Bananas

Get ready to turn those overripe bananas into a delicious masterpiece. We’ve got 27 delicious Healthy Banana recipes for you, and they’re not only super simple but also incredibly healthy and downright yummy! Say goodbye to wasted bananas and say hello to a bunch of amazing ideas to make the most of your ripe bananas.

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Eventually, a bunch of bananas will turn brown on your counter. It is inevitable! That’s why we came up with this list of healthy recipes you can use for those old bananas.

From breakfasts to snacks to decadent desserts, a ripe banana will never go to waste in our kitchen.

Whether you’re looking for that classic banana bread, a quick banana protein muffin for a satisfying snack, some tasty breakfast ideas, or decadent desserts, this roundup has what you’re looking for.

And the best part is that most of these recipes are super easy and use 8 ingredients or less!

Check all of these things to make with ripe bananas!

1. Banana Protein Muffins

Bake these moist and delicious banana muffins in less than 30 minutes.

They are lower in sugar and higher in protein than traditional muffins. This recipe is a great choice for a quick breakfast or a satisfying snack on the go.

a board of healthy protein banana muffins.

2. Almond Flour Banana Bars

This recipe does TRIPLE duty. A tasty dessert or snack that is healthy enough to enjoy for breakfast.

The bananas, chocolate chips, and almond flour work perfectly together.

a tray of gluten free banana bars.

3. Banana Bread with Sour Cream

You just know there’s going to be banana bread on this list!

This particular banana bread features sour cream which gives it an irresistible richness.

freshly sliced sour cream banana bread.

4. Quinoa Flour Gluten Free Banana Muffins

This easy recipe rewards you with moist and fluffy baked goodies.

Healthy gluten-free muffins that are the BEST for breakfast or as a filling snack. Perfect for that bunch of overripe bananas.

a gluten free banana muffin with a bite out of it.

5. Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

These three ingredients cookies feature the ripe bananas as a natural sweetener.

Add a handful of toasted nuts for a little something extra.

banana oatmeal cookies on a wire rack.

6. Zucchini Banana Bread

Another classic banana bread recipe, especially around summertime when everyone has a ton of zucchini.

It is a brilliant – and delicious – way to sneak extra veggies onto your diet.

a plate of zucchini banana bread.

7. Banana Nice Cream

Enjoy a dish of Banana ‘Ice Cream’, or “nice” cream if you will, is a rich, creamy yet totally guilt-free dessert.

Consisting of one ingredient (guess what that is?) and a few minutes of easy work and you will have a healthy summer treat the whole family will love.

a bowl of banana nice cream.

8. Banana Walnut Greek Yogurt Muffins

This recipe uses a quick, homemade gluten-free oat flour and rich, creamy Greek yogurt along with the sweet, ripe bananas.

Topped with toasted walnuts, they are irresistible when warm from the oven.

greek yogurt banana muffins on a wooden board

9. Healthy Banana Bread Breakfast Cookies

Everyone has time for a cookie, especially when it is for breakfast!

Naturally sweetened with bananas and dates, these cake-y cookies provide slow-releasing energy to keep your motor running until lunch. Great for snacks too!

a baking tray of healthy breakfast cookies.

10. Sugar-Free Banana Bread

This Sugar Free Banana Bread is a quick and easy breakfast or snack with bananas, almond flour, and a hint of vanilla extract.

There is zero added sugar in this healthy banana bread recipe.

sliced sugar free banana bread.

11. Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bars

They are ridiculously easy to make – just freeze in a loaf pan!

And they only have 5 ingredients (plus salt). You can’t go wrong.

peanut butter ice cream bars on a plate.

12. Healthy Banana Cookies

This recipe is low-carb and gluten-free. They are also incredibly quick to throw together, which means you can whip up a batch in no time!

Added bonus: They can be eaten any time of day.

a healthy banana cookie on a spatula.

13. Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

These soft and chewy cookies are perfect for a healthy snack or dessert! Use any nut butter you have on hand.

This recipe is naturally sweetened, vegan, and gluten-free.

a hand holding a cookie with a bite out of it.

14. Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Smoothie

This smoothie recipe is an easy, cool, and refreshingly delicious way to have oatmeal during the summer months.

A breakfast that’s full of protein, vitamin C, fiber, and all of those good carbs.

overhead image of strawberry banana oatmeal smoothie.

15. Banana Nut Pancakes

These pancakes are a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

Made with spelt flour, mashed ripe bananas, and chopped nuts, which add a great texture and flavor.

a plate of banana nut pancakes.

16. Chia Banana Pudding

This creamy, sweet banana pudding is a super tasty no-cook dessert.

A sweet treat that’s satisfying and actually good for you, too!

banana chia pudding.

17. Creamy Orange Smoothie

A healthier Orange Julius, this recipe is vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

Enjoy Creamsicle flavor using whole food ingredients made right in a blender.

creamy orange smoothe in a glass.

18. Chocolate Milkshake without Ice Cream

Can you make a creamy chocolate milkshake using bananas? Absolutely!

This recipe below is a healthier version of the classic chocolate milkshake to satisfy your cravings.

healthy chocolate milkshake without ice cream in a glass.

19. Banana Pear and Oat Toddler Cookies

Say goodbye to processed snacks!

These yummy cookies are allergy-friendly and contain no added sugar, honey, or sweetener.

a plate of toddler cookies.

20. Berry Banana Smoothie Bowl

A colorful and healthy breakfast and also great as a snack.

Smoothie bowls are super easy to make and more substantial than a smoothie that you drink. You can dress them up with a variety of delicious toppings like flaked coconut.

berry smoothie bowl.

21. Avocado Banana Smoothie 

So creamy, thick, and delicious! It takes only a few minutes to make and has the texture of ice cream.

This healthy smoothie is great for breakfast, snacks, or even dessert. You will not believe how creamy this smoothie is!

avocado banana smoothie in a glass.

22. Banana Cinnamon Overnight Oats

These overnight oats have a delicious banana bread taste without being too sweet.

They are made with almond milk, chia seeds, and cinnamon to create a healthy breakfast that is packed with fiber to keep you full throughout the day.

a spoonful of cinnamon overnight oats.

23. Blueberry Banana Oatmeal Muffins

The perfect one-bowl recipe to bake this weekend.

Delicious for breakfast and as snacks, too!

blueberry banana oatmeal muffins in a tin.

24. Chocolate Banana Pancakes

A delightful chocolaty treat and a favorite breakfast option. These thick and fluffy pancakes are loaded with OATS and made WITHOUT ADDED SUGARS.

Satisfying and completely guilt-free.

chocolate banana pancakes on a plate.

25. Banana Oatmeal Waffles

Healthy breakfast waffles option to start your day with something delicious.

The best part is these don’t contain any refined flour or added sweetener, just choose your toppings and enjoy the goodness.

banana oatmeal waffles on a plate.

26. Banana Overnight Oats Recipe

The perfect make-ahead breakfast (or snack). Creamy, delicious, made from real food ingredients, and only takes 5 minutes to prep!

A healthy breakfast option that is ready to eat when you wake up – perfect for busy mornings.

banana overnight oats.

27. Banana Blueberry Waffles

Crispy on the outside and incredibly soft and fluffy on the inside. Top these waffles with maple syrup and more fresh berries, and serve them for breakfast or brunch.

They’re freezer-friendly too!

a plate of waffles.

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Useful appliances for ripe bananas

The first has to be a Ninja Creami! Have you seen this in use yet? Yummmm. You can make some pretty decadent desserts in one of those and using frozen bananas can make this much healthier.

A high-speed blender like a Vitamix or Blendtec comes in handy to make all of the yummy smoothies and milkshakes featuring sweet bananas.

A dehydrator is a fantastic tool for transforming your bananas into banana chips by removing their moisture. Preserve them even longer this way!

More easy recipes to try

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